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Free Parenting Workshops

Connect 2 Christ Church is hosting three Free Parenting Workshops.  The dates are April 8, April 22, and May 20 and the times will be 9:00am to 12:30pm.  Along with meeting other parents who might be dealing with similar problems and situations at home with their children, you will receive valuable information for helping your child learn life skills.

Parenting Workshops: April 8, Communication & Conflict Resolution, April 22, Anger & Stress Management, May 20th, Setting Goals & Making Choices for Grade 3-12We will begin our workshops with information on improving communication skills, followed by ways to handle conflict, anger, stress, and then ending with information on how to make healthy choices in relationships and how to set goals and manage time.

The workshops will include packets of information on each topic, discussions led by a Pinellas County teacher for over 30 years and with over 5 years’ experience working with adults and their children who made choices to use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.   In addition, participants will have the opportunity to be engaged in activities to reinforce the information.  Finally, there will be ideas for parents to use at home to help improve any problems that might be occurring at the home or in the life of their child.  The workshop will also help the parents teach their children valuable lessons to use as they enter teen and adult years.

On a personal note, I would like to say that as a parent, these workshops would have been very valuable to me when my own children were growing up.  I continue to learn and share information with my adult children and my grandchildren.  We are all learners and must work together to ensure the success and safety of our children.

Listed below you will find the Parenting Workshop Flyer for the workshops.  We hope to see many of our community parents at the workshops in order to try to improve the ways our children handle situations in life as they enter adulthood.

Click here to Download the Parenting The Parenting Workshop Flyer

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