Non-Denominational Seminole Church


C2C Church is a Non-Denominational Christian Seminole Church, located in Seminole, Florida.

We at C2C Church believe that our Seminole Church touches every heart’s true desire to connect to the Love of Christ. As the Family of Christ, we are called to connect to one another and to collectively bridge the gap in our community between Worship & Missions.


At C2C Church, we are blessed you have chosen to connect with us.

 In the power of the cross, we find ourselves reaching vertically, in praise and worship, to God.

We offer many ways to praise Jesus together. We hope you will consider joining us for 9:45 a.m. Worship on Sundays.


Together as God's Family


For Others to Know Him


C2C Church as the physical body of Christ, we seek to connect others with His Love by being the helping hands, feet, and voices for the community, state, country, and world needs.

 In the power of the cross, we find ourselves reaching horizontally to bring the Love of Christ through Mission work to others.