Bible Study

From Wed, Sept 22nd through Wed, Nov 17th our Bible study series will be on “Christ In Me” and we will be asking the question “Do I See Him?”. This series is offered in-person and on Facebook Live at 7 p.m. for an hour, and it is open to anyone and everyone. If you miss a week or come the very last week, it does not matter, as long as you come.

Here are topics we will explore during this series, as these seem to be the reality for so many:

  • I have no control and cannot fix all the broken places
  • I am too weak to face the mounding issues of life
  • I feel like I am being carried along on a journey I don’t want to make
  • I thought the Christian journey was about loving my life in connection to Christ and helping others
  • I, Me, & Mine…has to go, I have lived by my flesh long enough
  • Christ now lives in me, and this means a new journey of revelation

Our prayer each day and from moment to moment is “with everything I am called to face; Jesus, please become real in my life!”

We pray that you will join us as we live out these LIFE (L-iving, I-n, F-ellowship, E-veryday) Lessons God has for us right now.