Daily Devotionals

The Word of God is beneficial to knowing God’s will for our lives.

According to the Apostle Paul, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. “(2 Timothy 3:16 NLT)

So, let’s spend time in the Word everyday.

Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-12-22

Intro: In Scripture, you will frequently find the word persecution and it is alway associated with pressure, harassment, mistreatment, betrayal or intimidation for the purpose of entrapment or even going so far as killing people. In the Old Testament, persecution came against the Jews as intense pressure to cause them to renounce their faith in God. In the New Testament, Jesus was harassed, mistreated, betrayed and entrapped. Jesus told his disciples they could expect the same, because the world is evil and hates God’s Word or authority (John 15:20). Over the past few weeks in our LIFE Lessons Bible Study,

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-11-22

Intro: Pride hinders people from abiding or communing with God. It also sets people up for destruction (Prov 16:18). In fact, Scripture teaches God detests a prideful or haughty spirit (Prov. 8:13). If a person is prideful, he or she is arrogant. A prideful person truly sees himself or herself

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-10-22

Intro: Rejection is a painful experience for the soul. Anyone who has experienced rejection knows it leaves scars and memories that are difficult to work through. Healing takes time; it takes divine Love. If you have felt the sting of rejection, there is Someone who knows all about your wounds

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-09-22

August 9, 2022Intro: Most every day we encounter problems to be solved; therefore, we must seek Christ who has been made Wisdom for us (1 Cor 1:30). Whenever possible, we usually try to avoid trouble, but when that isn’t an option we need to face the adversity with Wisdom. In

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Daily Devotional from Jen Auer 08-08-22

Today’s devotion is the first part of Hebrews 11. In the previous chapter, a warning and a word of encouragement were given specifically to “those who have faith”; and now a direct definition of faith and examples are given in a letter to the Hebrews, and to all believers. So,

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-05-22

Intro: The times in which we live are disconcerting; there are so many things happening in the world for which we must pray. Deception, corruption, violence…yes, evil is busy at work in the hearts of those who live only for this world [lost spiritually]. Believers and people of faith see

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 08-04-22

Intro: The first eight chapters of the Book of Romans teaches us about humanity’s great need for a Savior and the work of the Holy Spirit. Without salvation through Christ’s atoning work on the cross and the leading of the Holy Spirit guiding us toward righteousness, humans self-slaughter in sin.

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