Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-24-16

Daily Reading: 5-24-16

Psalm 1 New Living Translation (NLT) 


Yesterday, we read Psalm 1 and considered our life-paths and who will influence us.  Our take away or understanding for commitment should be to follow or obey God’s Word and His Way of Love.  The Word is the foundation for a meaningful and prosperous life.  God knows what is best for us; others may think they do.  We may find ourselves at a crossroad where we need to choose who we will follow.  


Today, we are going to read the same passage we read yesterday, but in another translation, The Voice.  I find it is a great exercise to read in different translations.  Sometimes a passage will be opened up to us in a new way.  You may have your favorite translation and there is nothing wrong with that preference; but allow yourself to be stretched sometimes.  The Word is alive and it speaks spiritual life.  Period.

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