Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 4-26-18

April 26, 2018

Psalm 22:25-31 New Living Translation (NLT)

King David found himself rejected by family and friends; he became a target for his enemies, but he stayed focused on God’s great love and faithfulness that had been revealed to him.  He believed God would lead him out of his present feelings of hopelessness, because God had always been faithful in the past.  So, David put on praise, lived according to God’s Word of love, and told others of the goodness of the Lord and the power of his might.

Future generations will be depending on our faithful witness of Christ’s love, salvation, and deliverance today.  How will they recognize and acknowledge the goodness of God unless we witness and model Christ’s miraculous love and goodness now?  We must continue to plant the seeds of Truth in the lives of others, so the Vine can grow and reach all nations.

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Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 4-25-18

April 25, 2018

Mark 14:26-31 New Living Translation (NLT)

Have you ever found yourself emphatic about something only to find later you were wrong?  In our passage today, Jesus tells the disciples they will desert him when trouble comes.  Peter proclaims emphatically that he will NEVER desert or deny Christ even if he has to die in the process.  We shall see that Jesus knew Peter better than Peter knew himself.  Jesus knows each one of us better than we know ourselves and the sooner we accept that as truth the better off we will be for the work of the kingdom.

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