Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-8-18

October 8, 2018

Psalm 112 New Living Translation (NLT)

The fear or reverence of the Lord leads people toward wisdom in honoring God which brings about blessing for the family and compassionate outreach to the community.  Wisdom causes us to imitate our loving Heavenly Father in every area of our lives; that wisdom guides us toward righteous acts of generosity and compassion.  Our honest dependence upon God keeps us strong and unshakable, because God watches over our minds and action when our hearts are truly fixed on keeping his commands.  The strongest place you and I can ever find ourselves is to prayerfully and reverentially abide in the presence of the Lord.  Pray and ask God to fill your heart with Himself.  Spiritually cling to Him and praise Him for being your Rock, today!

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