Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-4-19

June 4, 2019

Acts 26:19-23 The Passion Translation (TPT)


Jesus Messiah is a life-changer.  He brings new life to open hearts and calls us to follow him into abundant living.  When we are willing to surrender our stubborn wills and mindsets, he brings transformation to our attitudes, priorities, choices, etc.  Getting our attention is part of God’s work of salvation.  I imagine sometimes getting our attention is quite a task.


Jesus Messiah is the life-changer for Saul (Apostle Paul) who met Jesus on the Road to Damascus.  Saul was going to persecute Christians, but Jesus got his attention and sent him in a new direction.  From that day on, Saul would become Paul; a man with a life-changing story.  God sent him to the Gentile or non-Jewish nations to be a witness to the resurrection of Christ.  God’s directive and Paul’s obedience provided salvation for me and you. 


In our passage today, Paul is presenting his case in court; Paul has been put in prison for his witness of the Living Christ.  Our take away today comes as a reminder. We must receive the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus and demonstrate our connection to Christ with our changed lives. Behold old sinful ways of living are to pass away and we are to live each day in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

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