Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-26-19

June 26, 2019

Luke 9:37-43 The Message (MSG)


As you make a spiritual journey through each day, do you sense an awareness of God’s powerful presence with you? I am not talking about an internal emotion; I am asking if you understand the power of God made available to you, as you seek his heart, and the role prayer plays in releasing that power into the lives of others. 


In our passage today, Peter, James, and John have been up on the mountain with Jesus.  They have witnessed the glorious presence of Almighty God surrounding Messiah, Moses, and Elijah.  It is a miraculous moment for the disciples’ faith; it is like a foretaste of heaven on earth. These disciples can’t even speak about the glory; it is overwhelmingly powerful. However, the crowds, religious leaders, and the disciples waiting at the base of the mountain have not witnessed the Transfiguration.  They do not have the same sense of God; therefore, they do not have the same power in the Spirit against evil.


May the first thing we do each day be to gain a renewed sense of God; to climb the spiritual mountain for a fresh revelation of his power and might.  Let’s get into the Word, pray, and allow the Spirit to stir our faith in his power at work in and through us.

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