A Courageous Spirit: No Compromising

Did you know that Jesus offended people?  He offended the religious leaders, his neighbors, his family, and friends.  Oh, and get this, He did it without apology. The reason Jesus offended others is because he was unwilling to compromise the truth of God’s heart.   Jesus says, “Blessed is he who is not offended because of me” (Luke 7:23).

Did you know as a follower of Jesus, if you seek to obey the Spirit of God you will offend people?  We better pull out that courageous spirit!   If we are committed to the will of God; we will not be able to fulfill the agendas of humans.  A tension is created.  It is why Jesus suffered; because he would not compromise.  Unfortunately, some people feel they have an “in” with God; religious people like the Pharisees Jesus encountered.   He loved the religious leaders enough to tell them the truth when they were wrong; they crucified him.  Offended.  When the truth of Christ in us pops out, the real motives of others start surfacing.  People don’t like to look bad; but Jesus sets them up by the power of truth, anyway.  He wants to save them.  I guess we need to ask ourselves, “Are we no compromising disciples?”  Don’t be afraid of speaking the truth Christ places within you and sends you to say.  Take a deep breath and obey; don’t grieve the Spirit.  It’s not worth the compromise.