A Courageous Spirit: Worshiper

What comes to your mind when I say the word “worship?”  Do you picture a gathering of people in a religious building?  Perhaps you think of a style of service or maybe your thoughts move to music?  Just what does the word “worship” conjure up for you?

A courageous spirit understands worship to be ascribing worth and value to the Most High God.  In fact, the word “worth” is the root of worship.  That means worship calls for us to make a decision, with our lives, as to God’s worth.  God gave His Son’s life; so that we could give our lives back to Him. One for all; all for One.  In this one act of love, God was saying “you are worth my life; am I worth yours?”  

It takes courage to worship God with our lives.  We would rather worship by singing a few songs, reading some Scripture, listening to a sermon, and praying; than to actually turn our lives over to God by making Jesus, Lord.  God is always changing and shaking things up inviting us to make a stronger “connection to Christ,” and it would take a courageous spirit to surrender in true worship.  But, that is exactly what Jesus is calling us to do; courageously connect in worship.  He wants all of us; He wants us to give Him every nook and cranny of our being. God calls it worship!  If we are going to be courageous worshipers, we need the power of the Spirit and a surrendered heart that is willing to bow to the Word of the Lord.

“Because He is your Lord, worship Him.”  Psalm 45:11