A Diverse Inner Circle

The Holy Spirit gives every believer amazing spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:4).  These gifts are unique and diverse.  I like to think of them as complementary gifts.  You might ask, “Complementary to what, Mary?”

The gifts God places within the people around you are to be complementary in their relationship to you.  As well, your gifts are to be complementary in relationship to others.  God works in different ways; the gifts we each have also work in different ways.  We need to make sure we bring people with diverse gifts into our inner circle.  Warning!  The enemy is very crafty; great as a Liar.  Many times the enemy will stir up your soul by getting you to second guess the intentions and motives of the people around you; to get you to be jealous of the spiritual gifts of others. People who can offer you pros and cons to your thinking are valuable to you.  Celebrate them; avoid feeling threatened.   Don’t buy in to the work of the enemy; he’s divisive and doesn’t want God’s gifts to unite.  Why?  Because there is great power in that place.  So, be excited about the gifts people around you have and find a way to allow them to personally help you to grow and develop.  Your life is about “your” journey.  No one can take or rob you of your value and place in God’s kingdom.

God views us as many pieces of love that should fit together to make one in Christ. The Bible says it this way, “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.” 1 Cor 12:7