A Solid Inner Circle

Acquaintances are nice.  Friends are better.  We all need to surround ourselves with people who really care for us and want us to succeed in life.  The people in your “inner circle” need to be chosen carefully.  As we recently discussed, bringing folks in who have experience to share will make your circle powerful. The people who will make your circle solid are those who have a heart for God; people who are built on the Rock.

God desires to be first in our lives; life came from God.  Therefore, when you invite people into your inner circle, make sure he or she is a person who has placed God first in his or her life. They will serve as role models in their relationship with God.  Remember, your inner circle is made up of people who are going to help you become all that you were created to be; they celebrate your potential and are willing to make the journey with you.

So, be very selective with whom you allow to influence your life.  You need people who place God first and uphold His values.  These people will ignite your faith and hold you accountable to the necessary spiritual growth and development.  If you surround yourself with people who have no passion for God; your dream will dwindle.