Abraham and Abimelech 1-20-16

Genesis:  The Beginning  

Abraham & Abimelech 1-20-16 Introduction

READ:  Genesis 20


Yesterday, we saw how Abraham interceded for Lot and his family with the LORD; they were spared during the destruction of Sodom.  Today, we are going to read about Abraham’s encounter with King Abimelech while he is traveling between southern Palestine and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.


This evening I will be teaching and sharing on Chapter 20.  I will post the devotional following our Wednesday Worship time.  Please read the passage and consider the following questions in the meantime:

In our biblical readings over the past two weeks, we can see God uses revelation to communicate His presence and will to humanity.  Abimelech experiences a dream initiated by God.  Take a few minutes and think about the many ways God has imparted revelation to you as you journey with the LORD. Please notice this revelation from God to Abimelech demonstrates how God protects His own even when His own chooses to sin.   Be prepared to share your thoughts.

Deception has always been a spirit in which God’s people have had to flee or be dragged down; how do you feel about telling half-truths?  Do you see it as a wrong spirit?  Can it become a pattern?

Abraham jumps to conclusions and decides for himself that Abimelech is a wicked man; however, we read upon Abimelech’s revelation from the LORD, this king quickly repents and asks forgiveness.  Have you recently found yourself facing potential problems and been tempted to handle things yourself instead of trusting God? What did you learn?

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