Be An Interrupter Day 27

Be An Interrupter

ReRead:   John 12:3

Friday 3/20/15   Day 27

Ponder:   Certain scents can attract us or repel us.  I really enjoy the soft and subtle scent of certain perfumes.  It’s pleasant for me.   Jesus is enjoying his friends, but getting ready to make his final journey to Jerusalem where he will be crucified.  Mary is worshiping at the feet of Jesus; it is her favorite place when Christ is with them.  She values Jesus and his teaching and spares no cost to communicate it to him.  Mary interrupts Jesus and the evening festivities by taking a pound of costly perfume (used to anoint for burial), extravagantly pours it on Jesus, and wipes his feet with her hair.  Jesus, Mary, and the home smell like perfume.


Practice:  We must remember Jesus came to conquer sin and death.  When we offer him our worship by surrendering our sin, it permeates the atmosophere with frangrance which symbolizes the pleasure of God.

Prayer: O God, thank You for conquering death with the purpose of bringing me life.  I will count it joy when You correct my sin and help me overcome.  I want to be a fragrance that is sweet before You   In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:   Be extravagant with your love for Jesus by loving others.   Be an interrupter in a  world filled with selfishness, by pouring his love out as a beautiful fragrance for Christ.  God will be pleased with your worship.

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