Transformational Living

God calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our own minds; the way we think must change in order for us to be models of transformational living as followers of Christ (Romans 12:2).  We bear personal responsibility for our spiritual maturity; no one else can make the decision for us.

God’s Word and Spirit give us the power; the authority for eternal change.  Therefore, if we find ourselves stagnant in our call to discipleship, we have limited the power of grace (according to Spurgeon Grace is the Mother and Nurse of holiness and not the apologist for sin).  Sometimes we resist this Grace-nudging change because it means we need to turn away from certain mindsets and actions–sin; God wants to bring a greater revelation of his love for us by delivering us from the things that hold us back. But the process of change, in Christ, is painful.  Do you find yourself resisting the good things God desires to bring into your life that means change for you?  The battle for change takes place in your thought life first; it’s the enemy’s stomping ground.  What happens in your thoughts that tries to hinder the Spirit’s transformational work in you?