Daily Devotional (6/19/24)

One of the many things that brings division amongst the people is the idea of politics.  People today are solely focused on what political affiliation others have and either agree or disagree.  Not only that, but people are believing in the person rather than looking into the word of God.  This is not how we are suppose to behave.  We are behaving like children.  Because we are behaving like children, we are not listening clearly to the voice of God and start buying into the words of the leader rather than listening to God.  In Acts 5:29, the apostle Peter says that we need to obey God rather than man.  In other words, man’s word is not the last word.  They do not have the final say.  God has the final say.  He has the final word always and forever.  

In today’s passage from Isaiah 56:9-12, it is talking about how sinful leaders will be condemned.  In other words, their hearts are not in alignment with God and they are being led astray by their own greed.  We need to understand that we, as leaders, need to be in full alignment with God so that we are in that of showing others the same love that God gave us.  Some of us are spiritually blinded by what the world is telling that we fail to see God’s word at work in our lives.  I don’t want to see anyone of God’s children get wrapped up in the propaganda of the world that we miss out on the word.  

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I pray that we will not buy into the lies of the world.  Help us to grow closer to You each and every day.  Help us to realign our thoughts and our hearts to You.  Lead us in the direction where You want us to go.  Help us to not be so blinded that we miss out on what You have for us.  In Jesus name, amen.  

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