Daily Devotional from Curtis Tumicki

One thing about me is that I can sing. I have enjoyed singing for a while. Whether it was singing in church to participating in musicals and plays, I have enjoyed the concept of singing. Singing is something that brings fulfillment and joy when I feel down. I would sing whenever I had the chance. Whether it was in the car, in the shower, when I’m working at home, at the Music Ministry event on Monday nights, or anything else of that nature, I enjoy singing.

The Bible reminds about this idea of singing, particularly in the book of Psalms. Today, we will look at Psalm 95 in its entirety. In this psalm, the writer is acknowledging the fact that we should sing praises to the Lord. I recognize that when we are facing or in the midst of different seasons in our lives, we usually want to do something different rather than praising God. Here’s the truth that we need to understand: no matter what season we are facing, we need to praise God regardless. It’s easier said than done, however, this is something that we need to do because the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). In Psalm 95:2, it says that we need to come to him with thanksgiving. In different seasons, we may not want to feel thankful because of what we are experiencing. The truth of the matter is that we need to be thankful because the testing of our faith will produce patience (James 1:2). When we sing to the Lord, we are giving thanks to Him for what He has done for us and what He will continue to do for us. It is important that we do sing to the Lord. You may not hit the notes exactly, but we are called to make a joyful noise unto Him (Psalm 100:1-2). When we sing, it fills us up. When we sing, it makes us feel a sense of relief. When we sing, it brings a sense of joy. Remember to sing praises to Him. He loves you and is for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all that You have done in my life. I know that there were some moments and seasons that were challenging, but I thank You for getting me through it. Help me to sing praises to You throughout the duration of my day. I know that I will experience different storms and seasons of hardships, but I know that You are not only the anchor for my soul (Hebrews 6:19), I know that You are the song when I sing. Thank You Jesus for being for me and with me through it all. In His name I pray, amen.

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