Daily Devotional from Jen Auer 09-25-23

Some of you may know this, but Psalm 119 contains 176 verses that are divided into 22 stanzas, and each stanza is titled with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Today’s stanza is titles with the Hebrew letter, Mem, which means the water of wisdom, knowledge, the Torah. It represents both water and the ability to dive deep into wisdom. Every person should thirst for the wisdom of God, but that wisdom can only be found within the Word of the Creator because He Alone is our Living Water. Jesus is the One from Whom we should dive deep as we thirst, drink, seek refreshment, and call out to be replenished, each day, to overflow as His containers who are then guided to release pour Him into the lives of others.

Last week I found myself reaching more and more for the Living Water, asking Jesus to replenish me each night before I woke up the next day. In the midst of worldly chaos, I was connecting constantly with my Guide through His Word, so His wisdom would lead each of my steps. He connected me with a friend who was struggling with a situation. I had come across Isaiah 33, and was reminded that Jesus is our sure foundation, and through our greatest gift of salvation, He provides us with His wisdom, His knowledge, and this happens when we fear (or have reverence) for Him (v.6). Jesus is the One relationship that we should value the most because He is our greatest gift.

Psalm 119:97-104 (NLT)


97 Oh, how I love your instructions!
I think about them all day long.

98 Your commands make me wiser than my enemies,
for they are my constant guide.

99 Yes, I have more insight than my teachers,
for I am always thinking of your laws.

100 I am even wiser than my elders,
for I have kept your commandments.

101 I have refused to walk on any evil path,
so that I may remain obedient to your word.

102 I haven’t turned away from your regulations,
for you have taught me well.

103 How sweet your words taste to me;
they are sweeter than honey.

104 Your commandments give me understanding;
no wonder I hate every false way of life.

Prayer: Jesus, I love you beyond human words. Thank You for saving me from my sinful ways. Please continue to work within me to quicken my soul to know when I am not living the life that You are calling me to live. Holy Spirit, help to guide me with Your wisdom to live for Eternity now. I ask all of this in Your Holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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