Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-19-23

Intro: I deeply love the writings of the psalmists, because they encourage me in managing the emotions of my own soul. Whether the psalmists are lamenting or rejoicing, these writers always find a way to lift up praise and remain focused on the faithfulness of our God. True, they may sound angry or discourage in some writings—even feeling abandoned by God at times—but these writers inspire faith in our soul realm, because we know they sing the truth: God [above all others] is to be praised and honored.

We cannot possess the mind of God, so he allows us to be authentic and learn about his loving nature and the redemption he offers to all. Praise refocuses our attention and some days we definitely need refocusing! Maintaining an attitude of praise brings every child of God to a place of worship—oneness with the only One who can turn our weeping into rejoicing [our sorrow into joy]. Are you lamenting or rejoicing today?

Today in our passage, the psalmist praises the King of creation who inspires awe in human beings, because his love is beyond human comprehension. No other relationship we have in life can compare to the love of God for us. I am convinced human beings, as a whole, have no clue about the depth of God’s love and provision for all creation; otherwise, the nations would universally serve and worship him.

So, let’s be great examples of praisers, today. Let’s praise his wonderful name and allow the Spirit to make us mighty in his power and strength. God knows we are weak, but when we are willing to allow the Spirit to transform us, we are connected to the powerful and saving work of the Lord.

Psalm 96:1-6 NLV A Call to Worship the Lord
1 Sing to the Lord a new song. Let all the earth sing to the Lord. 2 Sing to the Lord. Honor His name. Make His saving power known from day to day. 3 Tell of His shining-greatness among the nations. Tell of His wonderful works among all the people. 4 For the Lord is great and should be given much praise. He is to be honored with fear above all gods. 5 For all the gods of the nations are false gods. But the Lord made the heavens. 6 Honor and great power are with Him. Strength and beauty are in His holy place.

Prayer: Lord, we praise you with the songs of our hearts. May they sing of our love for you and express our gratitude for our salvation. May every beat of our hearts tell of your wonderful works and how you love and provide for us. Please forgive us for our limited faith at times and our failure to praise you even in our trials. Stimulate us to greater faith as we step out to represent and serve you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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