Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 05-13-22

Intro: Our daily Scripture reading takes us further in the Book of Revelation. To keep us moving forward with a proper context, let’s review a bit to ensure we are heading in the right direction. Yesterday, the Apostle John tells us an angel comes to make an announcement that God is bringing his final judgment against evil to earth. John is instructed to eat the scroll the angel of the Lord carries in his hand. That Word/scroll is a mystery, because its content is never revealed in our passage. However, we are about to gain a bit more understanding about the message on the scroll, today. It must be a final Word of warning!

The seventh trumpet ushers in the bowl judgements which bring the complete wrath of God against sin/evil. Please keep in mind God loves his human creation; that is why he came to die for us. The purpose of Christ is salvation from sin and death (Mat 1:21). God does not want any human being to perish in these judgements that are meant to destroy evil. However, when people knowingly choose and practice what God calls evil in his sight, they become targets for God’s righteous action against evil. That is why we need the blood of Jesus to cover us and protect us from the wrath of God (like God’s protection of the Israelites during the plagues against Egypt—symbolic for the land of bondage). God knows his plan to destroy all sin and rebellion against the Truth of how we were created to live. Therefore, anyone willing to receive Christ’s righteousness for salvation faces no condemnation and no judgment. During this end judgment time, for those who have pridefully refused God’s command for Christ’s righteousness, it appears it is too late.

In our passage today, heaven and the Kingdom realm and rule of righteous Justice, Truth, and Love—found in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit—is coming to govern earth. Humanity has made a mess of God’s perfect creation; we did not take dominion in the Spirit of holiness as the Word commanded. Therefore, all sin and evil that inhabits the world must be destroyed forever. Throughout the seal and trumpet judgments, there has been silence in the heavens. Perhaps the hosts of heaven are holding their breath praying for humanity to receive the love of God found in Christ. Yet, now, John tells us the voices of the saints and angelic beings are shouting in heaven, because the rule of evil against God’s righteous rule is being completely destroyed—destruction not by human hands but by the all-powerful and righteous command or Word of God. Sidenote: the shouting in heaven reminds me of the shouting of Israel when the unrighteous walls of Jericho—evil keeping the rule of God and his people out—are totally destroyed.

Allow your focus today to be upon this Truth: Scripture teaches one day every knee will bow before the Living Word of God—Jesus the Christ. So, be wise and know it is much easier for people to receive the love of God and humbly bow now to the Word, rather than endure the wrath that leads one to eventually bow through the revelation of his power that causes unbelievers to respond in terror. We can have fellowship with God and know his loving protective care through humble obedience. The Book of Wisdom reminds us, “Pride goes before destruction” (Pro 16:18). Be wise and choose salvation in Christ! Let your life be led by the Holy One!

Revelation 11:15 The Seventh Trumpet Brings the Third Terror
15 Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices shouting in heaven:
“The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ,    and he will reign forever and ever.”

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the wisdom your Word brings to all life. Humanity does not have to suffer, we can all be saved and you, Lord, want that more than anything. Thank you for dying for my sin, so I may wear your righteousness and be secure in your love no matter what happens in this world. Thank you for covering my life and the lives of all those who honor your Word. I pray for the world to wise up in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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