Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 07-11-23

Intro: God values everyone; he desires for all of humanity to humbly enter into a personal relationship with him so he can express his healing love for them; all things are made whole in God’s presence. God is the Creator, Provider, Savior, and Sustainer of Life and humanity is called to enter into his godly presence and plan for our well-being/wholeness. Every believer has been gifted and equipped by and through God to be a blessing within creation, so we certainly have something to add to the whole picture as we love God and one another. This world was never created to function without God filling our hearts and directing our paths (Pro 3:5-6). I want to remind you, today, God loves you!

If we are going to succeed as a human race, we are going to need to lose our arrogance and pride, because it is a form of self-worship or idolatry. No person is better than another; we are all sinners who need God’s love and salvation. So, may we gain some wisdom and reject prideful arrogance, because God resists the proud (Pro 3:34). Having godly aspirations for our lives is good, but selfish ambitions that are only focused on our personal advantage is prideful and will rob us of the contentment God offers his children.

In our passage today, David reminds us to have a proper vision of the chain of command put in place by God. Some things only God knows; therefore, his standard should not be questioned. When humanity goes too far into sin, biblical history reminds us God will wean us from our self-sufficiency and self-focus and help us see things from a higher perspective. This is called discipline and it is painful, but necessary if we are going to learn dependence upon God. May we all choose to be weaned from self, because only then will we truly value others and see life more clearly. Trusting in God’s plan is required.
Psalm 131 GNT A Prayer of Humble Trust

Lord, I have given up my pride
    and turned away from my arrogance.
I am not concerned with great matters
    or with subjects too difficult for me.

Instead, I am content and at peace.
As a child lies quietly in its mother’s arms,
    so my heart is quiet within me.

Israel, trust in the Lord
    now and forever!

Prayer: Lord, please continue to help me assume a humble posture before you and others. Please help us as your children to put on grace and reflect your righteous attitude and conduct. We know contentment is only found in living out your plan. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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