Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 09-15-22

Intro: Social uniformity has become all too important in this world. This kind of uniformity in attitude and behavior to the norms of culture is basically conformity. Conformity to the world’s standard is the enemy of true transformation. The Apostle Paul teaches, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect” (Ro 12:2). People who say they know God but they reveal no public likeness of Him in attitude and behavior have a flesh that has simply conformed to the world.

When human beings experience the transformation made available through the blood of Jesus, those who have been far away from God are brought near and begin to live by faith in His righteousness; attitudes, words, and behaviors change even though personalities remain unique. I realize people would like to believe being a good person is all that is necessary to know God, but there is no righteousness apart from Christ and there is no Truth apart from God (2 Cor 5:21). God will continue to be truth even if every person is false (Ro 3:4). If we align with the standard of the world when it opposes the standard of God we are speaking and living a lie—God is not in it.

In his letter to the Roman Jews, the Apostle Paul wants people to know God judges every human being the same; He shows no favoritism when it comes to salvation (2:11). One is not a believer because of nationality and the practice of circumcision (Jews) and no one (Jews or Non-Jews) is given salvation and eternal life except through faith in Jesus Christ—the Lord. Christ came to call sinners into repentance; he wants to bring us into transformation before judgment (Luke 5:32).

Transformation is an internal reorientation toward God that comes through faith and by God’s gift of grace (Eph 2:8). Charles Spurgeon once said, “Grace is the mother and nurse of holiness not the apologist for sin.” Our outward behavior beings to change and reflect the inward transformation brought about by grace. God is flawlessly faithful in his act of salvation. Therefore, the deeper our relationships with God grows, the greater our understanding. The more understanding we have the greater our responsibility of walking in obedience. We have heard the Truth and it is time to follow.

Romans 3:1-8 New Life Version
1 Do the Jews have anything that those who are not Jews do not have? What good does it do to go through the religious act of becoming a Jew? 2 Yes, the Jews have much more in every way. First of all, God gave the Jews His Law. 3 If some of them were not faithful, does it mean that God will not be faithful? 4 No, not at all! God is always true even if every man lies. The Holy Writings say, “Speak the truth and you will not be proven guilty.”

5 If our sins show how right God is, what can we say? Is it wrong for God to punish us for it? (I am speaking as men do.) 6 No, not at all! If it were wrong for God to punish us, how could He judge the world? 7 If my lies honor God by showing how true He is, why am I still being judged as a sinner? 8 Why not say, “Let us sin that good will come from it.” (Some people have said I talk like this!) They will be punished as they should be.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit to keep us faithful and obedient. We need you Holy Spirit. You help to groom us in righteousness and bring transformation to our lives. Please be near your children, today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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