Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 1-21-21

Psalm 62:9-12

Before God all the people of the earth, high or low,
are like smoke that disappears,
like a vapor that quickly vanishes away.
Compared to God they’re nothing but vanity, nothing at all!
The wealth of the world is nothing to God.
So if your wealth increases, don’t be boastful or
put your trust in your money.
And don’t you think for a moment that
you can get away with stealing by overcharging others
just to get more for yourself!
God said to me once and for all,
“All the strength and power you need flows from me!”
And again I heard it clearly said,
“All the love you need is found in me!”
And it’s true that you repay people for what they do.

Every day serves as a great reminder for me to put what I believe is important about God’s world, his Word, and this time in which I live into perspective. In doing so, I find peace. I believe I am here on earth to live for God’s glory; not for my own pleasure—because I no longer belong to myself, I belong to God and have chosen to serve as his temple (1 Cor. 6:19). Honestly, some days I do that better than others, but nonetheless that is what I believe 2020 has taught me and this year will continue to teach me—so I press on. Do you serve as his temple?

If we were paying attention, last year taught us about spiritual blessings while it taught us to endure confusion, deception, sorrows, health challenges, and financial difficulties. It was a time of preparation and it unveiled the truth about where we individually placed our greatest trust and loyalty. Did we fall on our faces before our merciful and forgiving God, trust in his love, and stand on the promise of his Word to save us? Or, did we expect the government and the world’s systems to save us? I support and treasure this country and I will continue to faithfully pray for our leaders. Yet, scripture teaches the world’s economic and governing systems will one day fall before God (Rev. 18). In whom do you place your hope and trust?

In our passage today, King David sings a worship song encouraging us to place our hope in God who is always in control. Relief does not come because problems and difficulties are resolved—there will always be more problems that manifest in a fallen and sinful world in need of God. Relief is experienced as we endure in our hope that God’s salvation will come with Christ’s Return—when all the trials we face will finally be over. Are you ready?

Prayer: Father, may you be glorified in my life, because I place my trust and hope in you alone. May your Kingdom be advanced through my voice, as well as how I choose to live as your temple. And, may the deceptive reign of Satan be destroyed and the truthful rule of your Son be revealed in your world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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