Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 1-30-20

Psalm 15 The Passion Translation (TPT)

I have always loved the song, “Lord, Prepare Me to Be A Sanctuary.” The lyrics of the song are powerful about the work of the Spirit in our lives. Here are the lyrics: “Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy tried and true. And with thanksgiving I’ll be a living sanctuary for you.” The Word of God inspires and prepares us and the Spirit empowers us to submit to the holiness of Jesus Messiah who lives within the hearts of believers—we are God’s sanctuary.

In our passage today, King David sings about the presence of God and how only the Lord can make our hearts a holy dwelling place. Notice the emphasis that is placed on the integrity of words. If we desire to abide in the shining place of God’s glory, slanderous and insulting words cannot find life with our tongues. Listening to or perpetuating gossip and rumors is not the work of the Spirit; it is not the image of Christ. Believers must wholeheartedly speak Truth in love to live in the Shining Place. Do not allow yourself to speak slanderous or insulting words about others; kindly excuse yourself from the presence of those who do. Otherwise, you will grieve the Spirit and hinder your witness of Christ who lives within you.

Psalm 15 Living in the Shining Place
A poetic song, by King David

Lord, who dares to dwell with you?
Who presumes the privilege of being close to you,
living next to you in your shining place of glory? [sanctuary]
Who are those who daily dwell in the life of the Holy Spirit?

They are passionate and wholehearted,
always sincere and always speaking the truth—
for their hearts are trustworthy.

They refuse to slander[speak evil] or insult others;
they’ll never listen to gossip or rumors,
nor would they ever harm another with their words.

They will speak out passionately against evil and evil workers
while commending the faithful ones who follow after the truth.
They make firm commitments and follow through,
even at great cost.

They never crush others with exploitation or abuse
and they would never be bought with a bribe
against the innocent.
They will never be shaken; they will stand firm forever.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for putting a watch over my mouth that I would not grieve your Spirit nor wander from your shining presence. Help me to submit to your holiness that is within me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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