Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 1-5-21

Luke 6:27-29 Love Your Enemies
27 “But if you will listen, I say to you, love your enemies and do something wonderful for them in return for their hatred. 28 When someone curses you, bless that person in return. When you are mistreated and harassed by others, accept it as your mission to pray for them. 29 To those who despise you, continue to serve them and minister to them.

Yesterday, God’s Word left us thinking about the words of our mouths and how they can injure other believers. In our passage today, Jesus is teaching about loving our enemies. The biblical definition of “enemy” is one who hates another and attempts to discredit or injure in order to gratify his/her own malice or ill will. Hatred comes from Satan, the true enemy of the soul. People who find hatred in their hearts for another person is simply a pawn for Satan and the spirit of antichrist; Satan hates Christ’s love. Period. Hatred is a part of the end times taught in Scripture. Hatred proves to be a tangible measurement of evil in the world. Its ugliness may extend in any direction. Any aversion of humans to others expresses hatred. This type of emotional attitude has no place in Christ’s sons and daughters.

Jesus is not espousing that we have a deep affection for our enemies; rather, he is teaching that we must act toward our enemies in a way that is in their best interest. Sure we could choose to ignore our enemies and even walk away having nothing further to do with them. However, is that in their best interest when they are in bondage to hatred? We are to love them by an act of our will, pray for their deliverance, and ask the Lord to impart the wisdom we need to help them by revealing Christ’s love in us.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the wisdom you have given today about how to love my enemies. Because you live in me, I will surely face Satan’s hatred expressed through those who serve him. Help me to stay strong in your abiding love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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