Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-12-21

Intro: Every human being stands before God knowing he or she needs divine mercy. To be in God’s presence is to understand his holiness, as well as our sinfulness. Isaiah confessed, “I am in so much trouble! I’m ruined! I’m just a human being—fallible and stammering. My lips are encrusted with filth; and I live among people just like me. But here I am, and I’ve seen with my very own eyes none other than the King, the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies” (6:5). While we know we vertically require mercy in our relationship with God for salvation [we have all sinned in word/deed against God’s commands and the penalty for sin is death], it is possible to live horizontally “blameless” [innocent of wrong-doing according to the world] in our moral character with fellow human beings. My friends, being blameless with people will not save you from God’s future judgment against sin or evil.

In our passage today, David declares himself blameless; he has sought to walk uprightly with every earthly “neighbor.” However, he is not overly concerned about his earthly reputation. Whether or not he is a “good” person in the eyes of the world is not his focus. The world has a warped standard; calling good evil and evil good (Isa 5:20). Like Isaiah, David is keenly aware that he will one day answer to the Eternal One and any sin hiding within him will be exposed, despite his “good” actions with his neighbors. Humans cannot hide sin from God and sin cannot exist in the presence of a holy God; we need God’s grace (unmerited favor found in Christ) for salvation. Scripture teaches Jesus is returning to earth to destroy evil once and for all. We need a Savior to wrap us with his righteousness—making us blameless before God—so we are not destroyed along with sin or evil. This is the most important decision any human will ever make and Jesus is the only Way for salvation (John 14:6). Now is the time. If you haven’t already done so, please ask for God’s mercy to cover and forgive you, and by grace save you in the life of Christ.

Psalm 26:1-12 (VOICE) A song of David.

Declare my innocence, O Eternal One!
    I have walked blamelessly down this path.
    I placed my trust in the Eternal and have yet to stumble.

Put me on trial and examine me, O Eternal One!
    Search me through and through—from my deepest longings to every thought that crosses my mind.

Your unfailing love is always before me;
    I have journeyed down Your path of truth.

My life is not wasted among liars;
    my days are not spent among cheaters.

I despise every crowd intent on evil;
    I do not commune with the wicked.

I wash my hands in the fountain of innocence
    so that I might join the gathering that surrounds Your altar, O Eternal One.

From my soul, I will join the songs of thanksgiving;
    I will sing and proclaim Your wonder and mystery.

Your house, home to Your glory, O Eternal One, radiates its light.
    I am fixed on this place and long to be nowhere else.

When Your wrath pursues those who oppose You,
    those swift to sin and thirsty for blood,
    spare my soul and grant me life.
These men hold deceit in their left hands,
    and in their right hands, bribery and lies.
But God, I have walked blamelessly down this path,
    and this is my plea for redemption.
    This is my cry for Your mercy.
Here I stand secure and confident
    before all the people; I will praise the Eternal.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your mercy that is new each morning. I need your mercy and your grace to sustain my life and keep me whole. I am grateful you constantly help me live blameless with my neighbors. Thank you for destroying any sin that tries to hide in my soul that would dishonor your abiding holiness. All praise belongs to you! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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