Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-19-16

Daily Reading 10-19-16

Luke 22:39-46 The Message (MSG)


As you and I are willing to turn our wills over to God and invite His will to rule and reign over our lives, we will need greater strength to remain faithful. Surrendering to God is an act that radiates great light and darkness doesn’t like it.  Temptation comes. The enemy always wants us to get discouraged and feel like God’s will is going to fail to provide something even better for our lives than what we want for ourselves. Darkness lurks to rob us of something supernatural.  When we need help fulfilling God’s will, we gain access to the help of heaven.  How do I know?  Jesus received angelic help when he needed it the most and in Christ we will too when we ask. 


It was a dark night for Jesus.  His friends abandoned him.  He had to surrender to the will of the Father and it was hard for him.  The Father knew it would not be easy, so He sent the angels to Christ’s side to strengthen him.  I love the image of God’s provision that bursts in my mind as I read our passage for today!


Luke 22:39-46  A Dark Night

39-40 Leaving there, he went, as he so often did, to Mount Olives. The disciples followed him. When they arrived at the place, he said, “Pray that you don’t give in to temptation.”


41-44 He pulled away from them about a stone’s throw, knelt down, and prayed, “Father, remove this cup from me. But please, not what I want. What do you want?” At once an angel from heaven was at his side, strengthening him. He prayed on all the harder. Sweat, wrung from him like drops of blood, poured off his face.


45-46 He got up from prayer, went back to the disciples and found them asleep, drugged by grief. He said, “What business do you have sleeping? Get up. Pray so you won’t give in to temptation.”


Prayer:  Lord, your Word teaches me the importance of being on guard through prayer.  Thank you for sending your strengthening angels when I need them  Holy Spirit, please keep me faithful to the Father’s will.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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