Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-19-21

Intro: With the ongoing increase in food costs, gas prices, taxes, and basic household expenses, many people are looking for simple pleasures and ways to enjoy life that cost little or no money. The community, state, and national parks are busy with families seeking some inexpensive recreation in God’s creation. I, too, have a desire to experience more time with people and nature. However, living in the basics of the gospel of Jesus Christ is my greatest goal—life with Creator God—how sweet it is!

In our passage today, the Apostle Paul reminds us of those gospel basics. Here’s how it works. Those seeking God, run into his heart to hide in his goodness and faithfulness. It is in Christ we can enjoy his reassuring hope, strength and power to lay hold of every promise God has given his children. Placing our hope in Christ is where we must live every day. Yes, it really is that simple, because God has chosen to love and provide for us. He has left his Spirit in his family so we can love and take care of one another. He really has thought of everything.

Hebrews 6:13-20 (TPT) God’s Faithful Promise
13 Now when God made a promise to Abraham, since there was no one greater than himself, he swore an oath on his own integrity to keep the promise as sure as God exists! 14 So he said,

“Have no doubt, I promise to bless you over and over,
    and give you a son and multiply you without measure!”

15 So Abraham waited patiently in faith and succeeded in seeing the promise fulfilled [God bestowed his Spirit to Abraham and he received the Kingdom]. 16 It is very common for people to swear an oath by something greater than themselves, for the oath will confirm their statements and end all dispute. 17 So in the same way, God wanted to end all doubt and confirm it even more forcefully to those who would inherit his promises. His purpose was unchangeable, so God added his vow to the promise. 18 So it is impossible for God to lie for we know that his promise and his vow will never change!

And now we have run into his heart to hide ourselves in his faithfulness. This is where we find his strength and comfort, for he empowers us to seize what has already been established ahead of time—an unshakable hope! 19 We have this certain hope like a strong, unbreakable anchor holding our souls to God himself. Our anchor of hope is fastened to the mercy seat in the heavenly realm beyond the sacred threshold, 20 and where Jesus, our forerunner, has gone in before us.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for being the Anchor of Hope for my life. Thank you for anchoring yourself to my soul and helping me receive the blessings you have for me every day. And, Lord, thank you for my spiritual brothers and sisters who are always ready to extend your love to others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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