Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-22-18

October 22, 2018

Psalm 34:1-8 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Christian maturity can only be achieved if we are willing to admit that we have broken souls (minds, will, emotions), lean toward wayward thinking and living, and need the power of the Spirit to call us back to the plumb line of God’s Word.  When we honor the Lord we are taking steps of obedience to follow His Word of wisdom and guidance with our lives.  With every step of obedience to His Word we are willing to take, it is like humbly asking for help and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of God’s goodness and kindness; He saves us.  We experience more of God each time and we grow in our ability and willingness to trust Him with our whole being.  Jesus is the only one who can make us whole. Take a step today by standing on this Word.  Praise the Lord with all your heart, listen, and keep your eyes on the One who loves you more than you can imagine. 

Psalm 34:1-8

Honor the Lord


I will always praise the Lord.

With all my heart,

    I will praise the Lord.

    Let all who are helpless,

    listen and be glad.

Honor the Lord with me!

    Celebrate his great name.

I asked the Lord for help,

    and he saved me

    from all my fears.

Keep your eyes on the Lord!

You will shine like the sun

    and never blush with shame.

I was a nobody, but I prayed,

    and the Lord saved me

    from all my troubles.

If you honor the Lord,

    his angel will protect you.

Discover for yourself

    that the Lord is kind.

    Come to him for protection,

    and you will be glad.

Prayer:  Lord, I celebrate your great name in my life.  Thank you for all you have done to help me spiritually grow up. Thank you for the protection of your angels who watch over me as I learn to follow you.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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