Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 11-25-20

Psalm 7:14-15
14–15 Look how the wicked conceive their evil schemes.
They go into labor with their lies and give birth to trouble.
They dig a pit for others to fall into,
not knowing that they will be the very ones
who will fall into their own pit of failure.
16 For you, God, will see to it that every pit-digger
who works to trap and harm others
will be trapped and harmed by his own treachery.
17 But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord,
for you make everything right in the end.
I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place.

In our passage today, King David praises God for dealing with the pit-diggers in his life. Other biblical leaders found themselves dealing with wicked schemers, too. Joseph had to deal with his brothers, as well as Potiphar’s wife. Esther had to deal with Haman. Jesus had to deal with the Pharisees.

Have you experienced the work of pit-diggers?The pit-diggers are those who seek to trap others, but their desire to destroy will backfire in time. They will come face-to-face with God and he will turn the tables to make things right for his chosen ones. All the lying, cheating and scheming the wicked do will only bring themselves trouble with God. Give thanks to the Lord, today, for he faithfully deals with the work of the wicked. Sing praises of gratitude for the Lord knows how to make things right in your life.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for protecting me from wicked pit-diggers. I know you will see they are trapped by their own wicked devices. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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