Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 11-7-19

Psalm 145:17-21 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

What is your character trademark? What is that distinguishing characteristic or feature that most people associate with you? All the fruit of the Spirit are great and any one of them would be a noble trademark, but the best characteristic would be having a trademark of love because love never fails (1 Cor. 13:7). Love is not simply a human emotion or feeling; true love is a choice. God is love and when we choose Christ we choose to live in God’s love. The world should see the trademark of love operating in the lives of every believer. Jesus proclaims, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples” (John 13:35).

In our passage today, David sings a song to the Lord for His faithful care; David sings with honor to the Lord and extols His trademark of love.

Psalm 145:17-21 The Message (MSG)
17 Everything God does is right—
the trademark on all his works is love.
18 God’s there, listening for all who pray,
for all who pray and mean it.
19 He does what’s best for those who fear him—
hears them call out, and saves them.
20 God sticks by all who love him,
but it’s all over for those who don’t.
21 My mouth is filled with God’s praise.
Let everything living bless him,
bless his holy name from now to eternity!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for caring for all your children who love you. My mouth is filled with your praises. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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