Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 12-09-21

Intro: Yesterday, I enjoyed planting a few new things in my deck containers. When I first put the new plants in they looked a bit wilted and limp, but now they look like they are thriving and healthy. These plants appear to be confident in their new soil, as well as the love and care I am giving them. I pray that thriving health continues.

God is raising up worshipers; that is his work of salvation and redemption. As humans, we can appear spiritually wilted and limp, too, but as we spend time with our Creator and Savior, our lives perk right up! Our connection to Christ—the Source of Life—causes us to thrive. A true worshiper is confident in God’s love and care. We want the name of the Lord to be exalted, because we know we cannot save ourselves. We have God’s peace that he is our salvation in all things; therefore, we do not live afraid while in this world. If salvation was up to us or other humans we would be afraid, but our salvation is found in God alone. This level of trust in God is a decision of the will; it is not based on emotions or feelings. We make a conscious decision to take God at his Word to be our salvation, strength, and song [joy]. This is what it means to use our faith. Glory to God in the Highest!

Isaiah 12:2-6 (TPT)

Behold—God is my salvation! [the One who gives me victory]
    I am confident, unafraid, and I will trust in you.”
    Yes! The Lord Yah is my might and my melody;
    he has become my salvation!

With triumphant joy you will drink deeply
    from the wells [springs] of salvation.[the Savior]

In that glorious day, you will say to one another,
    “Give thanks to the Lord and ask him for more! [ask him for help]
    Tell the world about all that he does!
    Let them know how magnificent he is!”[proclaim and exalt his name]

Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done marvelous wonders,
    and let his fame be known throughout the earth!

Give out a shout of cheer;
    sing for joy, O people of Zion,
    for great and mighty is the Holy One of Israel
    who lives among you!

Prayer: Lord, when you come to reign on the earth, we will hardly be able to contain our joy. We will be vibrant beyond measure and we will thrive for all eternity. Thank you, Lord, for this promise that awaits your followers. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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