Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 12-1-20

Romans 15:4
4 Whatever was written beforehand is meant to instruct us in how to live. The Scriptures impart to us encouragement and inspiration so that we can live in hope and endure all things.

I once heard the Bible described as a manual of righteousness for believers: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Do you see the Bible as instructions for your life with God? In our passage today, the Apostle Paul wants believers to understand the value of all Scripture; it is a revelation of our holy God’s heart. If we want to know how God feels about us and gain wisdom for how we are to live our lives as a creation made in his image, we will read all of Scripture and allow the Spirit of God to bring us understanding. The Scriptures teach us how to endure and be victorious even in difficult times. Our hope for victory in this life must be placed in the provision and power of the Lord. In Christ, we place our hope—confident trust with the expectation of fulfillment—knowing as we follow the Word and listen to the Spirit we are doing what is right before Father God.

Prayer: Lord, I place my hope in your love for me knowing you have promised to provide for my every need and will never withhold any good thing from me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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