Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 12-17-19

Jude 17-25 The Voice (VOICE)

Are you quick to protect that which you treasure most? As a Christ follower, I understand the opposition that will come into my life because I have chosen to live and teach God’s Word as the standard of Love and Truth. The Holy Spirit is my Protector; therefore, I seek to guard the work of the Spirit in me. The enemy does not want me to focus on the Spirit of Truth or the power that God has offered to deliver me from evil. If you are a follower, you understand that to be true of your life, as well. Therefore, we have to contend for the faith against the opposition of the darkness that tries to overtake the Light or Truth. We must live in harmony with God’s plan and obedience with how God has designed it to manifest in our lives. Protecting God’s Truth is our greatest act of obedience. What we value most, we guard, right?

In our passage today, we are encouraged by Jude—brother of Jesus and James—to remain vigilant in our faith; it is the Christian duty because we have committed our lives to the Son of God. In one short letter Jude exposes the work of false teachers trying to deceive people by telling them Christ’s followers can live any way they want in their flesh without fear of God’s punishment. Therefore, divisions start popping up all over the place. Jude stands to protect the Truth in that place. I encourage you to focus on the Truth, guard the work of the Spirit in you, and give no power to the darkness.

Jude 17-25

17 But you, friends, remember the words of the emissaries[a] of our Lord Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King: 18 “At the end of time, some will ridicule the faithful and follow their lusts to the grave.” 19 These are the men among you—those who divide friends, those concerned ultimately with this world, those without the Spirit. 20-21 You, however, should stand firm in the love of God, constructing a life within the holy faith, praying the Spirit’s prayer, as you wait eagerly for the mercy of our Lord Jesus the Anointed, which leads to eternal life.

22 Keep being kind to those who waver in this faith. 23 Pursue those who are singed by the flames of God’s wrath, and bring them safely to Him. Show mercy to others with fear, despising every garment soiled by the weakness of human flesh.

24 Now to the One who can keep you upright and plant you firmly in His presence—clean, unmarked, and joyful in the light of His glory— 25 to the one and only God, our Savior, through Jesus the Anointed our Lord, be glory and greatness and might and authority; just as it has been since before He created time, may it continue now and into eternity. Amen.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this wisdom from Jude, today. Help me to focus on and exalt the Truth of your Love you have placed around me each day. I want to starve the darkness that tries to consume my faith by remaining in your Joy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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