Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 12-22-21

Intro: In our passage today, Mary demonstrates some very important spiritual attitudes to have regarding God’s Gift of salvation found in Jesus the Messiah. A praise song bursts forth from her lips; her heart is filled with divine love. She cannot contain this love without expressing it. Salvation is about a miraculous life that impregnates us with the divine presence. Stop and think about it, because Mary is struck with such awe at God’s plan she ponders it all in her heart and then erupts into praise…as should every believer!

First, Mary humbly receives God’s Gift; she serves the Messiah in her womb. She welcomes God’s plan and willingly denies herself in exchange for the favor of God. Mary sings to the goodness of God. Second, Mary praises God for the miracle he was not only bringing to her life but to the whole world. By faith, Mary connects her part in God’s plan for salvation to the promise God gave to Abraham. Mary sings to the faithfulness of God even though it remains a mystery to her. Third, Mary sets aside any opportunity to stand in pride in order to magnified the Lord.

As believers, we must approach God’s Glorious Gift for salvation with humble hearts; we have done nothing to deserve such favor and goodness. Salvation is personal, but it is also for the world and we must witness the faithfulness of God to his promises. Lastly, pride can cause us to refuse God’s Gift as intended or try to take credit for “doing” something that draws attention to our flesh, so we must cast down all spiritual arrogance and magnify the name of the Lord! We are loved by a life-giving God and our souls should be ecstatic, as well!

Luke 1:46-55 (TPT) Mary’s Prophetic Song
46 And Mary sang this song:
    “My soul is ecstatic, overflowing with praises to God!
My spirit bursts with joy over my life-giving God! [Savior]
For he set his tender gaze upon me, his lowly [humble] servant girl.
    And from here on, everyone will know
    that I have been favored and blessed.
The Mighty One has worked a mighty miracle for me;
    holy is his name!
Mercy kisses all who fear him,
    from one generation to the next.
Mighty power flows from him
    to scatter all those who walk in pride.
Powerful princes he tears from their thrones
    and he lifts up the lowly to take their place.
Those who hunger for him will always be filled,
    but the smug and self-satisfied he will send away empty.
Because he can never forget to show mercy,
    he has helped his chosen servant, Israel,
keeping his promises to Abraham
    and to his descendants forever.”

Prayer: Lord, let my heart sing with Mary, today. I praise your goodness, faithfulness, and I magnify your name above all other names. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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