Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 12-3-20

Psalm 85:8-9
Now I’ll listen carefully for your voice
and wait to hear whatever you say.
Let me hear your promise of peace—
the message every one of your godly lovers longs to hear.
Don’t let us in our ignorance turn back from following you.

For I know your power and presence shines on all your lovers.
Your glory always hovers over all who bow low before you.

For those of us who will wait and listen in hope, the Lord speaks peace to our hearts. I cannot answer for you; however, for me personally I need supernatural peace to be imparted to me all the time. Life can be so unsettling and seem far from orderly. The Apostle Paul tells believers in Ephesus that before they were born again from above in Christ, they were hopelessly stranded without God in a fractured world (Eph. 2:12). Now, as believers, we do not live without hope and are welcomed into a life of peace with God even though we still live in that fractured world.

The Lord’s peace in my heart strengthens and sustains me. It assures me the Lord rules creation and has my whole life in his hands as I follow his direction. The peace of God offers me a higher spiritual perspective; a heavenly reality for my mind, will, and emotions to experience. When the Prince of Peace is ruling in my heart, I have Kingdom vision and joy. In the peace of God, I look for ways to serve the One I love. God’s Kingdom of peace may seem very upside down when compared to the world’s system, but we need to allow the Spirit to open our eyes to see just how “right side up or righteous” in the power of God believers can live.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for helping me wait in hope, listen to your direction, and welcome your supernatural and righteous way to wholeness into my life. I bow to your power and trust in your promise of peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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