Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 2-3-20


Faith is a wonderful gift from God. It is by faith we are saved; faith in Jesus Christ. It is also by faith in Christ that we reveal our salvation by deeply and sincerely loving other believers. It is our love for one another that marks us as Christ’s disciples (John 13:35). God knows life comes with many challenges, so he has given us the ability to commune in his loving springs of living water, receive his love, and then turn to share his abundant love with others who need refreshing. In Christ, you can be someone’s refreshment, today.

Philemon 4-7Philemon’s Faith and Love
4 I am always thankful to my God as I remember you in my prayers 5 because I’m hearing reports about your faith in the Lord Jesus and how much love you have for all his holy followers. 6 I pray for you that the faith we share may effectively deepen your understanding of every good thing that belongs to you in Christ. 7 Your love has impacted me and brings me great joy and encouragement, for the hearts of the believers have been greatly refreshed through you, dear brother.

Prayer: Lord, I want my love to impact others in refreshing ways. Help me to see how I can be a blessing, today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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