Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 2-5-20

Luke 6:20-23 (TPT)

Last Sunday, the Spirit led me to teach from Matthew’s gospel chapter 5:1-12. Today, we will read a parallel passage from Luke’s gospel regarding Jesus’ Sermon on the Mt. of Beatitudes (6:20-23). Jesus reaches out to teach those who will listen about what matters most in his Kingdom message; come to the Kingdom and be “blessed.”

The word “blessed” is a more common translation; however, in Aramaic, the word “blessed” does not do the text justice. In fact, please note in our passage the many words that are used as part of the translation “blessed.” Toowayhon [blessed] is Aramaic and it means to have the capacity to enjoy union and communion with God. It is why those poor in spirit wisely acknowledge their inadequacy or weakness and turn to God for strength—finding themselves blessed. If you are covered by the blood of Jesus, you have been given the capacity to enjoy communion with God. Today, please turn to God and be “blessed.”

Luke 6:20-23 Jesus Taught Them What Matters Most
20 Looking intently at his followers, Jesus began his sermon. “How enriched [blessed] you become when you are poor,[suffer spiritual poverty] for you will experience the reality of God’s kingdom realm.

21 “How filled [blessed] you become when you are consumed with hunger and desire, for you will be completely satisfied.

“How content [blessed] you become when you weep with complete brokenness, for you will laugh with unrestrained joy.

22 “How favored [blessed] you become when you are hated, excommunicated, or slandered, or when your name is spoken of as evil because of your love for me, the Son of Man.

23 “I promise you that as you experience these things, you will celebrate and dance with overflowing joy. And the heavenly reward of your faith will be abundant, because you are being treated the same way as your forefathers the prophets.

Prayer: Lord, you have extended abundant blessings to me; may I be filled to overflowing, today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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