Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 2-8-21

Acts 14:1-3 TPT
Miracles and Revival in Iconium
14 When Paul and Barnabas arrived at Iconium, the same thing happened there. They went, as they always did, to the synagogue and preached to the people with such power that a large crowd of both Jews and non-Jews believed.

2 Some of the Jews refused to believe, and they began to poison the minds [embittered the souls] of the non-Jews to discredit the believers. 3 Yet Paul and Barnabas stayed there for a long time, preaching boldly and fearlessly about the Lord [Yahweh]. Many trusted in the Lord, for he backed up his message [manifestation] of grace [divine power which brings delight, joy, pleasure, and sweetness] with miracles, signs, and wonders performed by the apostles.

The Lord Yahweh sends his followers to share the gospel with others; it is called evangelism. Sometimes the reaction people have to the gospel is positive and receptive. Sometimes the gospel is completely rejected when it is shared. Still other times the gospel is shared and the reaction is mixed.

In our passage today, we see both kinds of reactions to the gospel message delivered in Iconium. The folks who reject the evangelistic message try to stir others up to join their opposition. However, this strong opposition does not hinder Paul or Barnabas; they continue to preach the message of salvation in Christ while demonstrating the miraculous power of Jesus’ name until they are forced to leave town. If you feel your testimony about Christ is falling on spiritually deaf ears, don’t worry. Keep doing what you are doing until God moves you. Don’t take things personal. People are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Christ. Pray for them and stay in peace.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the courage and power you give your children to share our testimony with others. We will remain faithful. Holy Spirit, we will leave the convincing to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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