Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 3-1-19

March 1, 2019

Acts 10:1-8 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Cornelius is a Roman military leader on assignment from his headquarters in Rome; soon he will return to Rome.   He is noted as a generous man who believes in God; he guides his family to do the same.  Cornelius faithfully practices his faith by praying to God; his prayers are sincere.  Then one day everything changes.  The Lord communicates back to Cornelius through a vision, calls him by name, and gives him specific “marching orders.”   This is a huge change in the prayer life of Cornelius!  What is his response?  Obedience to God’s Word. The results of Cornelius’ obedience is the gospel will spread to the empire’s capital city.

Praying to God is a wonderful act of reverence and respect.  Seeking, communing, conversing with the living Christ is a whole new level. Cornelius has a religious practice, but he realizes this day—a day of conversion—that Christ is real, alive, and with him.  Does God want to speak with you in Christ?  Yes.  Yes he does.  When he does, will you be obedient like Cornelius?

Acts 10:1-8 Peter and Cornelius

10 In Caesarea there was a man named Cornelius, who was the captain of a group of soldiers called “The Italian Unit.” 2 Cornelius was a very religious man. He worshiped God, and so did everyone else who lived in his house. He had given a lot of money to the poor and was always praying to God.

3 One afternoon at about three o’clock, Cornelius had a vision. He saw an angel from God coming to him and calling him by name. 4 Cornelius was surprised and stared at the angel. Then he asked, “What is this all about?”

The angel answered, “God has heard your prayers and knows about your gifts to the poor. 5 Now send some men to Joppa for a man named Simon Peter. 6 He is visiting with Simon the leather maker, who lives in a house near the sea.” 7 After saying this, the angel left.

Cornelius called in two of his servants and one of his soldiers who worshiped God. 8 He explained everything to them and sent them off to Joppa.

Prayer:  Lord, I am so grateful for the power of prayer; you speak to my heart and guide my paths toward righteousness.  I pray for my heart to respond with obedience.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

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