Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 3-7-19

March 7, 2019

Psalm 91:1-2 Contemporary English Version

Today is the second day of our 40 Day Lenten Series, “Praying for a Kingdom Heart.”  Remember, Lent is a time of prayerful reflection, repentance, and restoration as we draw closer to the heart of God.  Having a Kingdom heart is an attitude of surrender before our All-Powerful God. In our surrender, we seek the Kingdom of eternal life and fellowship with the loving Lord; we should wisely bring our lives under his care because nothing is impossible with God.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all need a solid foundation for our lives.  Life brings along many unknowns which can threaten our faith, scatter our relationships, and unsettle our confident hope that we will find a place of safety for our hearts and lives again.  Many times our first response is to foolishly scurry and gain control of our unraveling circumstances, rather than seek the solid rock and fortress of the Lord to ask for help.  Nothing is too difficult for God; he is awesome in his love for his children.  From the beginning, humanity was created to live under the Lord’s care and protection; yet, thousands of years later humanity still chooses to exalt self-preservation and fail. 

Our God is All-Powerful (1 Cor 1:24).  There are two things to keep in mind when surrendering to the power of God and pressing in to ask for his will to manifest in our earthly lives.  First, God’s focus for us will be entirely consistent with his perfect character.  He will bring good things to pass and provide a righteous way for us to portray the attitude, wisdom, and heart of Christ, so we can live as Christ’s examples in a fallen world.  Second, as the All-Powerful, everything he desires to do in our lives can be carried out.  He will accomplish everything he sets out to do in our behalf.  As people watch our lives, they should be aware of the presence of the Lord with us.  

During Lent, we will be using the acronym P.R.A.Y. as we pray for a Kingdom Heart.  P=praise, R=repent, A=ask, and Y=yield.  May God bless you as you spend time in God’s Word and in prayer today.

Psalm 91:1-2  The Lord Is My Fortress

Live under the protection

    of God Most High

    and stay in the shadow

    of God All-Powerful.

Then you will say to the Lord,

“You are my fortress,

    my place of safety;

    you are my God,

    and I trust you.”

Prayer:  Eternal God, I praise you for wanting to be the All-Powerful in my life and the One who leads me to pray for a Kingdom heart.  Thank you for giving me the invitation to live under your protective care.  I repent by confessing my inclination toward self-preservation.  I know I need to seek you first and be willing to do those things you require and guide. I ask for your protection over my life and ask for your wisdom to be imparted to my understanding.  Holy Spirit, as I pray and listen please bear witness to the truth each day and I will follow.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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