Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 4-16-21

1 John 2:26-27 (VOICE)
26 I also am writing to warn you about some who are attempting to deceive you. 27 You have an anointing. You received it from Him, and His anointing remains on you. You do not need any other teacher. But as His anointing instructs you in all the essentials (all the truth uncontaminated by darkness and lies), it teaches you this: “Remain connected to Him.”

According to our passage, we need to remain connected to the anointing of the living Christ. The Holy Spirit has poured the anointing into us; we have the indwelling Christ if we have invited Jesus to be our Lord and seek to follow his ways. The anointing brings eternal life, illumination, wisdom, the ability to produce spiritual fruit, as well as the grace and power outflowing Christ’s resurrection.

What does the Apostle John mean by, “You do not need any other teacher?” He means we do not need to listen to the deceptive opinions of false teachers in the world, because God has placed anointed teachers in the church that will instruct and equip his children in the Word of God in order to bring us into the fullness of Christ. As the bride of Christ, we will always need anointed teachers who shine the light of Truth, so we can obediently follow Christ’s ways with our lives. So, stay connected to Him!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for placing the anointing upon your children and helping us to learn to live with this abundant and extravagant gift of grace. May all of your children press into the anointing and learn from you as we love and listen to one another. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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