Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 4-26-19

April 26, 2019

Luke 24:36-40 Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Have you ever tried to use your intellectual sense of reasoning to discern spiritual realities? It seems reasonable that we should be able to make a bit of sense out of all things in life; God gave us these minds.  But, Scripture teaches God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and faith is essential to experience him, so why do we press in to the point of doubt in order to mentally process in our humanity the deep truths of the divine spiritual realm?  We want answers, but in our spiritual immaturity we neglect asking the Lord to bring the revelation and wisdom he alone can provide while we live in these human bodies. Until Christ returns, Kingdom realities are revealed as given Spirit (God) to spirits (humanity). 


In our passage today, the disciples are trying to figure out what has really happened with Jesus and what that means in their lives now.  The disciples talk among themselves in order to gain some shred of understanding.  While they are trying to wrap their minds around the trial, crucifixion, and the empty tomb, Jesus appears to reveal Kingdom realities.  He is alive, but different.  He shares the evidence of his human journey, and the revelation of spiritual realities.  How amazingly loving and good of God to interrupt our doubting minds with Truth, right?


Jesus truly understands our humanity.  So, in his love and mercy, Jesus reveals things Spirit to spirits in order to help us understand the powerful realities of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is in you and around you.  We pray, “Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”  Live with that in mind each day. Jesus has made a way for us to communicate with God on a whole new level.  Pray for spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear; this prayer means you are offering yourself to be challenged and changed by the Truth.  God opens the eyes of the spiritually blind and the ears of the spiritually deaf as we draw near to him.  Jesus, the Light of the World, taught his disciples, “Things are hidden temporarily only as a means to revelation. For there is nothing hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything [temporarily] kept secret except in order that it may be made known (Mark 4:22). Jesus is the Revealer of Truth, so ask for revelation to confront any doubt or uncertainty you may have in the natural.

Luke 24:36-40 What Jesus’ Followers Must Do

36 While Jesus’ disciples were talking about what had happened, Jesus appeared and greeted them. 37 They were frightened and terrified because they thought they were seeing a ghost.


38 But Jesus said, “Why are you so frightened? Why do you doubt? 39 Look at my hands and my feet and see who I am! Touch me and find out for yourselves. Ghosts don’t have flesh and bones as you see I have.”


40 After Jesus said this, he showed them his hands and his feet.


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for eyes to see and ears to hear the realities of your glorious Kingdom.  You sustain me with the revelation of Truth before me and you bring peace to the conflicting voices that try to surround me.  I know my Redeemer lives!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

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