Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-14-19

May 14, 2019

Acts 9:32-35 New Living Translation (NLT)


The other night John and I watched an old western staring Henry Fonda, My Name is Nobody.  Most of the time, we have really enjoyed watching some older movies, but this one was a stretch as far as me really enjoying it.  For me, the plot was just too vague for too long with filler taking up too much space. What was the main character’s purpose?  He travels from town to town for what?  Have you ever watched or read something and thought, “Where is this going?”


Our lesson today, from Luke in the Book of Acts, is quite the opposite of the movie.  Jesus is the Somebody that everyone needs. It’s clear from the very beginning of the reading that God is wasting no time to reveal His heart or purpose.  Peter has been filled with the Holy Spirit and he is on a mission to bring the Good News of Jesus the risen Lord everywhere he goes; Peter is relentless in his passion to serve God and people.  He travels to wherever the Spirit leads him and he speaks the words the Spirit places on his lips.  And what happens?  A dunamis (Gk. powerful) domino effect.  One man is instantly physically healed by the touch of Christ through Peter which leads to a whole community turning to serve God, as well.  The evidence of God’s love and purpose is overwhelmingly evident; there is no missing the plot.  Then, Peter moves on to the next town.


What does this mean for you?  God wants to do something powerful in and through your life, but you must focus and make His purpose your purpose. Like Peter, God just wants the best life for you which is the Spirit of Christ abiding and living in you.  We are children, sons, and daughters of an All-Powerful God who desires to change lives and communities; turn every heart toward His love. It’s salvation in action.   You and I can drag ourselves through each day with no real purpose, or we can be led by the Spirit into great opportunities to reveal the realities of the true Lord of Life.  You decide.

Acts 9:32-35  Peter Heals Aeneas

32 Meanwhile, Peter traveled from place to place, and he came down to visit the believers in the town of Lydda. 33 There he met a man named Aeneas, who had been paralyzed and bedridden for eight years. 34 Peter said to him, “Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you! Get up, and roll up your sleeping mat!” And he was healed instantly. 35 Then the whole population of Lydda and Sharon saw Aeneas walking around, and they turned to the Lord.


Prayer:  Lord, I confess some days I am more productive for your purpose than others, but I know the balance is to enjoy life, live with a proper sense of responsibility, and still shine the light of your love in life-changing ways for others wherever I go.  Help me live better and more effectively in that balance.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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