Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-19-21

John 16:16-20 (TPT)

16 Soon you won’t see me any longer, but then, after a little while, you will see me in a new way.”
17 Some of the disciples asked each other, “What does he mean, ‘Soon you won’t see me,’ and, ‘A little while after that and you will see me in a new way’? And what does he mean, ‘Because I’m going to my Father’?” 18 So they kept on repeating, “What’s the meaning of ‘a little while’? We have no clue what he’s talking about!”

19 Jesus knew what they were thinking, and it was obvious that they were anxious to ask him what he had meant, so he spoke up and said, 20 “Let me make it quite clear: You will weep and be overcome with grief over what happens to me. The unbelieving world will be happy, while you will be filled with sorrow. But know this, your sadness will turn into joy when you see me again! 21 Just like a woman giving birth experiences intense labor pains in delivering her baby, yet after the child is born she quickly forgets what she went through because of the overwhelming joy of knowing that a new baby has been born into the world.

Sometimes, as believers in Christ, we forget we have actually been given new life (born from above) that is suited to live in a new world that will also come from above (Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven). We may hold on to desires and dreams that will be fulfilled when God’s Kingdom comes on earth; however, in the meantime we have to wait with hope and trust during laborious and difficult times that work to develop endurance within us. Endurance is essential for the Christian; otherwise, we would give up and quit when we face sufferings. Remember, ultimately we labor in these times—by faith—so that Jesus can be seen through us. Let these verses encourage you, today, and help you put your questions or disappointments into perspective. I will be doing the same.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for building spiritual, emotional, and physical endurance in me, so I will continue to abide until you return for your Church. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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