Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-23-18

May 23, 2018

John 20:19-23 The Voice (VOICE)

On Sunday, we celebrated the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit; the work of righteousness to convict and forgive sin, as well as call us into holy living.  Christ has made his life and power available to every believer.  By the work of the Spirit, we can reveal to others the power of God living in us through our love, testimony, spiritual gifts, and active faith.  

In our passage today from the Gospel of John, Jesus tells the disciples to welcome the Holy Spirit and he breathes life-giving power into them.  They could “feel” the breath of God and the unction of the Holy Spirit to share about the forgiving love and salvation of Almighty God for the sins of the world. 

Messiah sends believers into the world to share about this forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit to groom us in righteousness.  We must tell the world that Jesus lives and the Spirit compels us to share this Good News of God’s love everywhere we go.  If we do not tell others, they may never know they could receive forgiveness too.  May God make us bold in our witness and powerful in our love!

John 20:19-23

19 On that same evening (Resurrection Sunday), the followers gathered together behind locked doors in fear that some of the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem were still searching for them. Out of nowhere, Jesus appeared in the center of the room.

Jesus: May each one of you be at peace.

20 As He was speaking, He revealed the wounds in His hands and side. The disciples began to celebrate as it sank in that they were really seeing the Lord.

Jesus: 21 I give you the gift of peace. In the same way the Father sent Me, I am now sending you.

22 Now He drew close enough to each of them that they could feel His breath. He breathed on them:

Jesus: Welcome the Holy Spirit of the living God. 23 You now have the mantle of God’s forgiveness. As you go, you are able to share the life-giving power to forgive sins, or to withhold forgiveness.

Prayer:  Lord, the work of your Spirit is necessary for the redemption of all creation.  Help me to share the life-giving power of your love with others, so they can experience the same peace I have in relationship with you.  It is you who forgives sins, and I must tell others.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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