Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-24-21

1 Corinthians 12:4-11 (TPT)

It is the same Holy Spirit who continues to distribute many different varieties of gifts.
The Lord Yahweh is one, and he is the one who apportions to believers different varieties of ministries [given by grace—apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers]

The same God distributes different kinds of miracles [powers] that accomplish different results through each believer’s gift and ministry as he energizes and activates them.

Each believer is given continuous revelation [public manifestations] by the Holy Spirit to benefit not just himself but all.

Varieties of Spiritual Gifts
8 For example: The Spirit gives to one the gift of the word of wisdom [impart divine understanding of strategy and insight to unlock hearts]. To another, the same Spirit gives the gift of the word of revelation knowledge [imparting a vision or understanding of a person/situation not known with the natural mind].

And to another, the same Spirit gives the gift of faith [impart supernatural power of faith and trust to do miracles on earth].
    And to another, the same Spirit gives gifts of healing [impart supernatural power to heal the sick].
And to another the power to work miracles [impart supernatural power to ]
    And to another the gift of prophecy [power to proclaim a special message form God and at times predict the future].
    And to another the gift to discern what the Spirit is speaking [ability to discern prophetic message, human message, or demonic message].
    And to another the gift of speaking different kinds of tongues.
    And to another the gift of interpretation of tongues.
11 Remember, it is the same Holy Spirit who distributes, activates, and operates these different gifts as he chooses for each believer.

Believers are united in the Lord and in the presence of the Holy Spirit; however, God does give us different gifts. The gifts imparted by God through the Holy Spirit confirm the Word of God and serve to expand His Kingdom. These gifts of the Spirit are the divine source of power for the Body of Christ. We may want to take credit for doing something for God, but in actuality God is doing things through us and we have no business taking credit for anything. And just for the record, we can choose to reject God’s gifts or flow in them.

As well, these gifts establish righteous standards as Christ’s Body moves forward in the mission of Christ to reflect the Light of his presence in the world (through the lives of his disciples). Anyone can claim to speak the heart of God and interpret the Word of God for people. However, a true teacher of the Word will always teach about Christ as the Son of God, personal responsibility for repentance, salvation in Christ’s name alone, and the work of the Spirit to lead us into obedience and godliness. False teachers will always be present in the world, but the Body of Christ should work together to stand for the Truth in their spiritual community.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit into my heart based on my salvation in Christ. Thank you for my new life and the power of the Spirit to overcome sin, to live bearing spiritual fruit, and to share in ministry with your gifts. Through your Spirit, Lord, I become more familiar with your ways which lead me to greater blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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