Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-26-21

Psalm 104:24-34
O Lord, what an amazing variety of all you have created!
    Wild and wonderful is this world you have made,
    while wisdom was there at your side.
    This world is full of so many creatures, yet each belongs to you!
And then there is the sea! So vast! So wide and deep—
    swarming with countless forms of sea life, both small and great.
Trading ships glide through the high seas.
    And look! There are the massive whales
    bounding upon the waves.
All the creatures wait expectantly for you
    to give them their food as you determine.
You come near and they all gather around,
    feasting from your open hands,
    and each is satisfied from your abundant supply.
But if you were to withhold from them and turn away,
    they all would panic.
    And when you choose to take away their breath,
    each one dies and returns to the dust.
When you release your Spirit-Wind, life is created,
    ready to replenish life upon the earth.
May God’s glorious splendor endure forever!
    May the Lord take joy and pleasure in all that he has made.
For the earth’s overseer has the power to make it tremble;
    just a touch of his finger and volcanoes erupt
    as the earth shakes and melts.
I will sing my song to the Lord as long as I live!
    Every day I will sing my praises to God.
May you be pleased with every sweet thought I have about you,
    for you are the source of my joy and gladness.

Knowing you are loved and appreciate is a great feeling, isn’t it? In fact, I will confess feeling appreciated brings me a sense of great joy. We are made in the image of Creator God. When we genuinely appreciate God for the beauty and goodness he has created, it must be a source of great joy to him, as well. Never forget, the Lord has surrounded us with everything we could possibly need.

In our passage today from the psalter, we recognize and appreciate the sovereignty of God. It is the outpouring of the Spirt-Wind who brings life and regeneration to the world, as well as sustains it. So, if the Spirit who gives breath to all things is withdrawn from this world what will happen to creation? Take time to thank the Lord for the breath that fills your lungs and his goodness that fills your life.

Prayer: Lord, I love and appreciate you and all you have provided for my life. Your grace is abundant and I am so blessed to live in your favor. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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