Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-3-19

May 3, 2019

Psalm 30 Contemporary English Version


God’s Word is always calling us away from sin and selfish living, but do we always listen? As believers, we experience the temptation of sin and we wrestle with faith.  In the midst, do we call out for God’s help?  Some times we know we are a mess in need of mercy and grace.  Other times, we just feel invincible; secure in our own ability to perform or fix ourselves.


God is the Author of our success; we are the author of our failures. The Lord certainly knows how to humble us when he gets angry with our choices; he hides his face and allows our faith to be tested.  If God did not humble us, we would allow all kinds of things to go to our heads and fill us with self-exalting pride.  The Good News we should always remember is that God delights in restoring us, so call on his name.  He will always be there to bring the precise help you need when you need it.  He will help you overcome sin and destructive behaviors and he will help you increase in your faith by showing himself faithful in every circumstance.


In our passage from the Psalter today, the psalmist David had allowed his success, wealth, and power to go to his head, so God disciplined him.  Then, God delivered him.  In David’s song, he praised God for delivering and healing him.  God used this weakness in David, to turn him toward the work of Grace.  Only the Grace of God can turn our failures into trophies for His glory.  

Psalm 30 A Prayer of Thanks

I will praise you, Lord (Yahweh)!

    You saved me from the grave

    and kept my enemies

    from celebrating my death.

I prayed to you, Lord God,

    and you healed me,

    saving me from death

    and the grave.

Your faithful people, Lord,

will praise you with songs

    and honor your holy name.

Your anger lasts a little while,

    but your kindness lasts

    for a lifetime.

At night we may cry,

    but when morning comes

    we will celebrate.

I was carefree and thought,

    “I’ll never be shaken!”

You, Lord, were my friend,

    and you made me strong

    as a mighty mountain.

But when you hid your face,

    I was crushed.

I prayed to you, Lord,

    and in my prayer I said,

    “What good will it do you

    if I am in the grave?

Once I have turned to dust,

    how can I praise you

or tell how loyal you are?


    Have pity, Lord! Help!”


You have turned my sorrow

    into joyful dancing.

    No longer am I sad

    and wearing sackcloth.


I thank you from my heart,

    and I will never stop

    singing your praises,

    my Lord and my God.


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for helping me and being my Refuge when sin comes to tempt me; thank you for revealing your love and faithfulness to me when I need it most. I praise you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I know you love me when you discipline me because even then you are always kind.  You are the Author and the Finisher of my faith, Jesus, and I love you.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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